The Mombasa HIV/STD Research Site

Research & Innovation

Over the past 23 years, more than 28 major grants from the US government, private foundations, and industry have been awarded for collaborative research in Mombasa. Research supported by these grants has examined a range of topics relating to HIV and STD acquisition, transmission, treatment and prevention.


Research Past And Present


Specific research focus areas have included:


  • Examining the role of antiretroviral therapy in influencing the risk of HIV-1 transmission
  • Effects of genital tract infections and the vaginal microbiome on women’s risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV-1
  • Trials of interventions to reduce the risk HIV-1 and STD acquisition and transmission
  • Evaluating the genomic evolution of HIV-1 following infection in an effort to understand the virological and immunological characteristics that determine the course of disease
  • Characterizing the frequency of HIV-1 superinfection versus primary infection to evaluate the possible protective effect of natural HIV infection against re-infection
  • Over 210 manuscripts presenting the findings from these studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals